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Gide is the partner of market research firms, brands and institutions, and supports their innovative projects: opinion, social or marketing surveys.

An agile approach for market and social research

Whatever your needs, we are at your side to develop bespoke solutions for online data collection, analysis and reporting. 

Our  technology, expertise and know-how are there to ensure maximal efficiency, innovation and dependability.

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Our mission is to be at your side to set up projects suitable to your needs, your constraints and your audience. We develop solutions to your problems, not merely tools. 

Our experts support you at all stages of your project. Reliable, experienced, attentive, we are more than providers: we are your partners.

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The advice and assistance provided by Gide's teams are invaluable, they are always available to support us. We have a dedicated contact person and this is a real plus. Gide has developed for us an innovative solution, which evolves with its users, and for a very interesting price-quality ratio: I recommend without problem!

Juliette Péchade

Head of Projects and Co-financing, OPCAIM


Discover the team's latest news, but also blog posts about innovation, new technologies and market research.


Pour être au plus proche de ses clients, il faut être agile et pouvoir lancer une nouvelle étude facilement, sans délai. C’est pour cela que @Solocal travaille avec nous !
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[CAS CLIENT] Gide accompagne la Direction de la #connaissanceclient du groupe @solocal depuis de nombreuses années. Nadia Bortolussi, Responsable #Etudes #Marketing, revient sur les raisons pour lesquelles elle a choisi de nous renouveler sa confiance :

Besoin d’un peu de fraîcheur ? C’est le bon moment pour visiter notre nouveau site : tout neuf, tout beau, tout frais 🙂 Bonne visite !

Pendant l’été, @gidenet se refait une beauté… #workinprogress avec @ClaireMichard et @le_Petit_Garage#StayTuned 🙂