IFOP: a custom solution for a complex online survey

  • market research organization
  • data collection
  • online diary
  • data query tool


For the market research and polling firm, Ifop, the challenge was to find a partner that could deliver customized technological solutions for complex surveys – and frequently to tight deadlines.


When Ifop encountered a need for additional short-term technical resources, Ifop’s Divisional Director for Media and Digital recalled his positive experiences of working with Gide at a previous company. He invited Gide to help his team at Ifop.

“When working with Gide,” he says, “we can share our issues regarding a survey and they will advise us on the best approach to take. Gide is very pragmatic and helps us get close to what we want.”

An example of this practical approach occurred in a recent complex project for Ifop involving an online diary. In addition to multiple levels and waves, this survey was full of tree structures, nested questions, and dynamic response lists that depended on answers to previous questions. All this complexity had to be hidden from the respondent, so to make participation easier, Gide’s consultants created custom grids on screen. These grids included a specially-designed method of handling dropdown lists, with a ‘smart fill’ 
facility for semi-open questions.

After the data collection, Gide combined all the data – which was no small feat in this intricate study – and developed a custom online data query tool for Ifop’s client. Everyone from the research directors to the marketing and sales mangers could extract the information they needed.

Speaking more widely on Gide’s work for Ifop, Ifop’s Divisional Director for Media and Digital commends the flexibility of Gide’s consultants. “In our activities, we can’t plan everything because the end-client often changes their mind. Gide always understands this and adapts its processes if necessary.”


  • Ifop draws from Gide’s wide breadth of technological survey research skills – and often at short notice
  • Gide’s depth of experience results in well-designed solutions to problems
  • A trusting relationship has allowed both parties to work together to find new solutions to technology issues
  • Flexibility and responsiveness offered by Gide helps Ifop accommodate late changes from clients and meet or exceed their expectations