IPSOS: an online questionnaire with more than 800 brands

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  • market research company
  • online questionnaire
  • response rate


With a reputation in the global market research industry as an innovator, Ipsos constantly strives to lead the way with technology and creative thinking. Due to the highly specialized nature of its work, the company will occasionally bring in additional technology expertise from outside the organisation. So when the media content and technology research division of Ipsos was faced with creating an online questionnaire with response lists comprising over 800 brands, researchers opted for a custom-built solution to make it easier for respondents to participate in the survey.


The Project Manager at Ipsos explains that in its original form, the online questionnaire would initially present a list of 30 categories to the participants. After this, the respondent would then pick a brand from a long list. This was a textual list, with no logos, so it was quite possible for the participant to select the wrong brand by mistake.

The team at Ipsos decided to ask Gide to write an online “browser” that could be incorporated into the questionnaire to make it easier for participants to find brands. Now, the interviewee simply has to type the start of the brand name or even a keyword, and a list of possible matches appears. The browser presents the logos alongside the brand names, making the whole experience of finding the right brand simpler, more engaging and less error-prone. The system automatically codes the category, which means the interviewee never has the bother of working out which category the brand belongs to.

Gide and Ipsos worked very closely together. Gide developed the browser and created link to the rest of Ipsos’ online questionnaire. The Project Manager comments that the team at Gide “are really good advisors” and “they give us good ideas.” She says that Ipsos hopes to re-use the brand browser on other questions or in other projects.

She continues: “We like working with Gide because we know that the team will really get into the details of our project, read it carefully, give us good advice and script it perfectly. They are really ready to help us improve the look and feel of our online questionnaires, which is an advantage for us because it is a way of standing out from the competitors.”


  • A more engaging and enjoyable experience for respondents when participating in online research
  • Improved response through reduced drop-offs at a problematic question, giving greater confidence in the accuracy of the results
  • The innovative design of Ipsos’ online questionnaire helps to make the company stand out in the marketplace
  • Creation of a resource that can now be adapted and re-used in other projects