Solocal and Gide: a long term partnership

  • data collection
  • reporting
  • mobile
  • GDPR

Solocal group is the local digital partner of companies.

Its business: boosting the activity of businesses through digital services (Digital Presence, Digital Advertising, Websites, New Print Solutions). Solocal also works for users by providing them with the best digital experience, through brands like PagesJaunes, Mappy and Ooreka.

The requirement: a flexible and responsive partner for the Customer Knowledge Department

Nadia Bortolussi, Head of Marketing Research, belongs to the Customer Knowledge Department within the Solocal group.

Her job: to manage all marketing research for the group with various targets (users, advertisers, prospects, B2B and B2C), and on various topics (communication, user experience, products, customer satisfaction…).

The departement launches between 20 and 25 studies per year, and transmits to the various services all the insights that may be useful to them.

Solocal / Gide: a relationship of trust and proximity

The collaboration between Gide and Solocal has lasted for about ten years, but over the past three years, this relationship has intensified. At any time, Nadia can call on Gide to launch a new study. The marketing department keeps control of the questionnaire writing and analysis, and Gide takes care of everything else:

  • Questionnaire programming,
  • Deployment and hosting (in France),
  • Real-time data restitution on an online dashboard.

With Gide, Nadia can launch a new study in 2 days.

Gide’s major asset: a real technical expertise, and an ability to provide customized solutions. This is particularly important on all technological projects. Thus, Gide manages all “in app” studies deployed on Mappy website and mobile app, which provide feedback on the user experience.

In addition, the solutions deployed by Gide comply with all legal regulations. Solocal is very respectful of the GDPR, and any study must be validated by the legal department. Not all providers can meet these requirements, but with Gide, there has never been a problem.

The results