19 July 2019

A brand new look for gide.net

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If this is not the first time you have come here, you may have noticed that we have just launched a brand new website to present our work.

Why did we decide to launch this project?

Our customers have sometimes commented that we do not communicate enough about our products and services, and about the solutions we can implement for collecting, processing and reporting data in the field of survey research.

Our previous site did not give the complete picture and it has been a while since we communicated on our blog or through our newsletter.

So we decided to put the past behind us and think about a whole new way of presenting our work.

This new site allows you to discover GIDE’s know-how from several points of view:

  • Our approach – This page presents the different ways we help our clients. Indeed, depending on the projects, we can work in different ways: consulting, development of custom technical solutions, R&D and innovation, or survey project management.
  • Our solutions – This page details the different technical solutions that our SCROLL framework allows us to implement for our customers: from the creation of multi-channel questionnaires, through the processing of statistical data, to the creation of dashboards, we have the ability to create and deploy your custom survey management platform.
  • Our customers – We have long collaborated  with major brands, market research companies and institutions with ambitious projects. This page presents some case studies and is intended to be regularly enriched with new feedback.
  • The team – GIDE is above all an expert and experienced team at the service of our clients. Get to know us!

Next episode?

And then what?

We would like to get further by regularly publishing new blog posts about our favourite subjects : innovation and good practice in the collection, processing and reporting of data in the field of survey research.

Do you have a comment, a suggestion, a proposal for a subject to submit to us? Send us a message, we will be happy to answer you!