19 March 2020

COVID-19: the GIDE team remains available at your side

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02/11/2020 update: 2nd lockdown period

The government has decided for a new lockdown period starting from 30/10/2020.
Our Business Continuity Plan below previously published on March 2020 remains valid.


The whole GIDE team hopes that you are well, and that you are not too badly affected by the current situation.

At GIDE, we are all in good health and operational to continue working with you.

In accordance with government recommendations, we have taken various measures to protect the GIDE teams and limit the risk of the virus spreading. We have, in particular, adopted teleworking from early March, all employees are equipped to work from their home.

We are always reachable by phone at the usual numbers, although a first contact by email is probably preferable for practical reasons.

We also have audio / video conferencing and screen sharing solutions allowing for reliable remote meetings.

Part of the Gide team gathered in a video conference

Finally, we can continue to exchange files securely via our Cloud platform.

Overall, everything has been implemented to ensure the continuity of our activity, and limit the impact of the situation on our collaboration with our customers and partners in the context of current and future projects.

These measures will remain effective as long as the difficult situation facing us all requires it. We hope to return to normal as soon as possible.

Until then, good luck, and take care of yourself!

The GIDE team.